As aerial firefighters, our focus is to provide support for the crews on the ground working in challenging wildfire conditions. Our maintenance team and pilots prepare rigorously to handle those dangerous fires safely, creating the most effective means to combat wildfires from the air. We operate a fleet of CL-415EAF Super Scoopers, a Twin Commander, Kodiak 100s, Special Mission Pilatus PC-12s, and a Twin Otter.

During the fire season, the mission can take you anywhere the fires are burning. Every single person on the team is vital in fighting fires. Supporting the operation is the priority, and flexibility in schedule is critical. During the off-season, your task is to prepare and sharpen your skills to be even better than the previous season. You will be joining a growing company with incredible potential and opportunities to grow. Our leadership is focused on the team and operating at the highest standards of quality. To succeed, your voice and talent are required. The work is rewarding and makes a difference in the lives of others.

Bridger Aerospace is proud to serve government and state agencies across the U.S., including the United States Forest Service. We were founded in 2014 by CEO and ex-Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy and have grown from a single plane to operating one of the largest private aerial firefighting fleets in the world. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals focused on saving lives, property, and habitat, and we want you to join the mission.